Junior School Topic - BEES

During Term 3 of 2022, the Puhinui School junior classrooms have been exploring the topic of bees! 💤💤💤

Have a look at some of the cool work that we have been doing:

"Bees live in a beehive.  Bees go to flowers and collect pollen and make honey.  They can only sting once and then they die.  They have five eyes" - Sukhman, Room 13


The Pollination Process

"Bees are very important. Plants need pollen from plants like themselves. The new pollen will help the flower to make seeds. The flower will be pollinated. The bees fly from flower to flower sending pollen. Pollen is a powder." - Matthew, Room 12

"First the Queen bee laid eggs. When the eggs hatch then they turn into larva. Next, they become pupa. Finally, some of them become adult bees and some are worker bees and that was all about bees." - Maahi, Room 26


"I predict the flower will be rainbow and colourful.

We observed a pattern on the petal. It was yellow and white." - Kailani, Room 25

The Life Cycle of a Bee 

"If you want to learn about bees you’ve come to the right place. I’ll tell you about their life cycle. So first up the 3 feet 12 inches Queen bee lays eggs. Okay you got it. Second they turn into larvae and second to last the pupa that looks like a bone caterpillar turns into a bee in its own world. " - Weston, Room 11


"Hi, I am a bee and it’s nice to see you.

I need some pollen and nectar. The bee gets the pollen and nectar from the flowers. The pollen is to feed their babies and the nectar is to feed the queen.

It pollinates the flowers when the bees come onto the different flowers.

The flowers need pollen because they need to make seeds." - Maine, Room 10

If I was a bee

"Hello! My name is Kavya the Bee and I will tell you what I see! Ok so I see yummy beautiful flowers. I also see delicious nectar and pollen. Then the big big human ahhhhh! Bzzzzz Oh sorry I was doing some things, anyways you should be happy I work really hard to make that HONEY! I work day and night for you. " - Kavya, Room 14


"Buzz, said the bees. They are good for the environment and they can fly from flower to flower. They have a hive and a stinger on their back. They also make honey for us." - Joel, Room 9


"Honeybee’s drink nectars and collect pollen. They go back to the beehive and make honey. They taste a little bit of honey. Bees have one stinger. It is pointy and bees can sting you." - Zainab, Room 23